Background characters are minor characters in the Super Smash Flash series that make cameo appearances in their corresponding home stages, normally without interfering in the battles. As such, background characters should not be confused with stage hazards. With the severely limited stage selection of Super Smash Flash, the game only had one background character in its eight stages, but Super Smash Flash 2 includes many background characters in its large and growing list of stages.

In Super Smash Flash

Dream Land

Whispy with Kirby and Meta Knight

Whispy appearing on Dream Land.

  • Whispy Woods appears in the background. Unlike his appearance in the original Super Smash Bros., he is merely a cosmetic addition and does not blow wind.

In Super Smash Flash 2

Waiting Room

Halloween theme

CLEODBOT in Hallowen theme on Waiting Room

CLEODBOT appearing in the Halloween theme, Waiting Room.

  • A Boo can be seen floating above the couch on the left.
  • CLEODBOT appears for a brief moment on the televisions as they transition from a spooky face to the SSF2 logo.

Galaxy Tours

Starship Mario

  • A few Lumas are seen soaring around the ship.
  • The Luma known as Lubba can be seen in front of the steering wheel of the ship.

Bowser's Castle

Mushroom Kingdom

  • Koopa Troopas are walking back and forth on the platforms in the background.
  • A Buzzy Beetle is bouncing endlessly on a spring in the background.

Jungle Hijinx

More Mini-Necky

Mini-Neckys appearing on Jungle Hijinx.

  • A flock of Mini-Neckies flies by from one side to the other.

Gangplank Galleon

  • A pair of Kritters arrive in a small boat and will blast a cannonball on the stage. The boat will sink after blasting the cannon, taking both Kritters with it as well.

Yoshi's Story

  • Pak E. Derm is walking back and forth behind the trees.

WarioWare, Inc.

  • Jimmy T. appears during the Taunt! microgame.

Clock Town

  • The Moon slowly approaches the stage as it passes through numerous changes. When it is about crash, which leads to a harmful meteor shower, the "Song of Time" is played and the Moon gets back to its original position to repeat the process.

Dream Land

King Dedede cameo

King Dedede appearing on Dream Land.

  • King Dedede can be seen flying across the stage in the background, from the left side to the right.
  • A group of three Bronto Burts can also occasionally be seen flying in a wavy pattern in the background, from the right side to the left.

Meteo Campaigns

  • Arwings constantly fly by to eventually boost toward the horizon and disappear.

Pokémon Colosseum

  • Magnemite and Beldum can be seen in the background during one of the stage transformations.

Saffron City

  • Butterfree and Moltres can occasionally be seen flying across the stage in the background.

Devil's Machine

  • Giygas appears all throughout the foreground and background, moving endlessly across the stage.

Distant Planet

Red Bulborb and Cloaking Burrow-nit in the Background

Red Bulborb and Cloaking Burrow-nit appearing on Distant Planet.

  • A sleeping Red Bulborb lies in the back of the stage.
  • A Cloaking Burrow-nit can also be seen left to the Red Bublorb but far behind it.

Nintendo 3DS

  • Captain Viridian is seen on the Nintendo 3DS screen during the VVVVVV game, changing the stage's gravity.

Sky Sanctuary Zone

  • The Eggrobo can be spotted flying in the background from one side to the other.

Green Hill Zone


  • The four ghosts — Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde — roam across the maze in the background.

Chaos Shrine

  • A huge flock of bats are seen flying in the upper part of the stage.
  • The four fiends — Tiamat, the Kraken, the Lich and Marilith — float by in the background. They are rendered in still images and do not move at all other than scrolling from side to side.

Planet Namek

Vegeta, Trunks and Gohan

Vegeta, Trunks and Gohan appearing on Planet Namek.

  • Piccolo stands in the foreground witnessing the fight through the length of the match.
  • Vegeta, Son Gohan and Trunks fly across the stage from right to left at high speed.

Hidden Leaf Village

  • Chōji Akimichi is seen sitting at the Ramen Bar, eating a lot of ramen.
  • Gaara is seen left to the Ichikaru Ramen Bar, bending some sand.
  • Hinata Hyūga will occasionally lean out from the right side of the Ramen Bar.
  • Itachi Uchiha teleports in to the plateau on the background, to later teleport out.
  • Rock Lee is seen doing one-handed push-ups in front of Ino's flower shop.
  • Shikamaru Nara can be seen snoozing on the Ramen Bar's rooftop.

Hueco Mundo