Sora back throw

Sora's old back throw, used in v0.9b.

A back throw is a throw performed by pressing the button opposite to the position of the character after grabbing the enemy. Backward throws are generally not used for combos, but serve as finishers, most of the time.

List of Back throws in Super Smash Flash 2

Character Back throw Damage
Mario Swings the opponent around repeatedly and throws its backwards. 9%
Ichigo Slams his victim on the ground behind him and slashes its horizontally. 9%
Bankai Ichigo Puts the opponent behind himself, turns around, and slashes its. 14%
Kirby Suplex; He performs a backflip with the opponent and slams its down behind him. 8%
Link Slashes his victim backwards. 9%
Sonic Spins around while doing a backflip with the opponent in his grip, slamming its down when he lands and sending its backwards. 8%
Super Sonic Places the victim behind himself, then turns around to punch its backwards. 10%
Sora Sora puts the enemy behind him and stabs the opponent with the Kingdom Key. 4%
Naruto Slams opponent behind him, then slashes its with a shuriken 3%.
Kyūbi Naruto Puts the opponent behind himself and slashes its backwards with his claws. 11%
Ness Uses his psychokinesis to send the enemy over his head in an arc, them utilizes his psychokinesis to send the enemy flying backwards. 11%
Tails Places his victim behind himself and does a mule kick. 8%
Lloyd Slashes his victim behind himself with a sword. 7%
Mega Man Unknown. Unknown.
Goku Swings the opponent around repeatedly and then throws its behind him. 14%
Goku (Kaiō-ken) Same as Goku's, except slightly faster and powerful. 17%
Super Saiyan Goku Same as Goku and Kaiō-ken Goku's, except noticeably slower and more powerful. 20%
Wario Places the victim behind him and hits its with his butt, while making a pose. 10%
Wario-Man Places the opponent above himself, then punches its upwards. 10%
Peach Places the opponent behind her and hits its with her hip. 2%
Black Mage Places the victim behind him and slams his staff into the ground, causing an earth pillar to come out and hit his victim. 8%
Pikachu Rolls with the opponent behind him a couple of times before throwing its off. 9%
Donkey Kong Violently flings the opponent behind him. 11%
Yoshi Spits the opponent out behind him. 7%
Fox Throws the opponent behind them and shoots its thrice with his Blaster. 7%
Captain Falcon Throws the opponent over his head and kicks its behind him. 4%
Bomberman Swings the opponent around repeatedly, then throws its over his shoulder, striking a pose. 14%
Zelda Telekinectally throws the opponent behind herself. 11%
Sheik Places the opponent behind herself and kicks its backwards. 8%
Samus Uses the Grapple Beam to throw the opponent backwards. 8%
Meta Knight Places the victim behind himself, then slashes its backwards. 7%
Jigglypuff Suplex; She would do a backflip and take the opponent with herself, then she lands on her head, while slamming its on the ground. 10%
Zero Suit Samus Kicks the opponent backwards. Somewhat slowly. 8%
Marth Pulls and extends his leg simultaneously. 7%
Chibi-Robo Slams the opponent behind him. 11%
Isaac Throws the opponent behind himself with the psynergy hand. 12%
Bowser Throws the opponent behind him with his head. Unknown.
Mr. Game & Watch Juggles the enemy as a ball, then the enemy is launched backwards. Based on Ball. Unknown.
Luigi Turns around and does a powerful dropkick. Unknown.

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