Star Fox symbol
The artwork of the Arwing.
Universe Star Fox
First appearance Star Fox (1993)
MG appearance(s) Super Smash Flash 2
Alignment Good
Company Nintendo

The Arwing (アーウィン) is the personal super-high performance combat ship used by members of the Star Fox Team. The Arwing starfighter is the primary battle vehicle of the Star Fox Team, and is almost the symbol of their team.

In Super Smash Flash 2


An Arwing in the background on Meteo Campaigns.

Arwings are prominently featured in Super Smash Flash 2 due to Fox and Falco being playable. His entrance on battle involves ejecting out of an Arwing as it flies out. Arwings can also be seen flying in outer space on the background of Meteo Campaigns, they don't interact in the battle and are merely a cosmetical addition. An old iteration of the DOJO!!! once pointed Arwings would appear on Sector Z to reprise their role as stage hazards - at least, they would shoot ot lassers at player - but none has been actually added into the stage.


  • Prior to the v0.6 development reboot Falco's Final Smash was intended to be him hopping into the Arwing and blasting the opponents around.

The Arwing flying in the sky from the opening movie.