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Animus: Prologue
The home screen of Animus: Prologue.
Directed by Gregory McLeod
Produced by Gregory McLeod
Written by Gregory McLeod
Production company Cleod9 Flash Animation
Distributed by McLeodGaming
Animation Flash
Rating T for Teen
Language English

Animus: Prologue is the intro and the trailer of a cartoon named Animus that was going to be started by McLeodGaming. However, the cartoon was put on a hold for some reasons.


Lucifer, the prince of darkness, began his influence on the human race. If any person would break, he would no longer want to live. That is when he would strike. He would take away all the madness and sorrow buried within the person's heart, and take over. A person consumed by evil was called Demon Infest. Once infested, the person had to be killed since there was no way to save him.

When man set foot on the earth, there was a physical being known as Mother Earth who watched over the people. She understood that mankind should not be infested by Lucifer. Therefore, she gave birth to Sakuro (later known as Animus). Sakuro had practiced combat a lot hence he was strong enough to fight Lucifer.

Once in New York, Animus landed from a building in front of a Demon Infest. The Demon Infest released a monster on Animus, whom Animus killed with his sword. The Demon Infest pleaded for mercy, but Animus killed him. The story completed here only.


  • Title screen; Composed by Gregory Cleod9 McLeod
  • Scene Selection
  • The Matrix Reloaded - Chateau
  • Phantasy Star Online - Whole New World



  • Animus: Prologue is the first movie made by McLeodGaming to have a Scene Selection option and a Website option.
  • Animus: Prologue is the last cartoon to be made only by Cleod9.
  • The building that Animus jumped off has a similar appearance to the Twin Towers in New York.

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