Title logo.
Developer(s) Cleod9 Flash Animation
Publisher(s) McLeodGaming
Animation Flash
Rating T
Language English

Animus is an intended anime-influenced, Flash animated series created by Gregory McLeod (Cleod9) and distributed by McLeodGaming. The series focuses on a never-aging young man called Sakuro and his surging strife against the ultimate evil, released by Lucifer, that have invaded the Earth. A of now, only a prologue was released in 2005, giving the series some back story, but the series have remained dormant since then with no further word from Cleod9 about the series continuation.

It presumed the series was put on hold due to development of the Super Smash Flash series, as almost immediatelly after finishing Super Smash Flash, Cleod9 began development for the then-called sequel (now reboot), Super Smash Flash 2, which has been in the works since 2007. However, Cleod9 has stated he will work on other projects once SSF2 reaches completition, but whether this means he will continue the Animus series remains a mystery.


  • Sakuro: The protagonist, he is a young man begotten by Mother Nature to fight against the ultimate evil that have invaded the Earth. Raised to be strong, kind and intelligent, Sakuro spends many centuries trying to find Lucifer's location and end his reign once and for all, taking him to the modern-day New York.
  • Mother Nature: A benign being that once watched and cared over humanity, until it began to be consumed by the evil of Lucifer, weakening her and rendering her unable to physically exist. She gave birth to Sakuro and handed him to a normal human family to be well raised to fight against the ultimate evil, then, she disappeared afterwards.
  • Lucifer: The antagonist, the Prince of Darkness himself. He takes upon the human's heart after being consumed by madness and despair, turning any pour soul into "Demon Infests". After many centuries of constant hiding, Lucifer is located by sakuro on modern-day New York, where it seems he is planning something.
  • Demon Infest: A human being whose heart and sould have been controlled by Lucifer, turning him/her evil. Once infested, there is no way back and the Infest has to be killed.

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