Adventure mode in Super Smash Flash.

Adventure mode is a single-player mode in Super Smash Flash, along with Classic mode and All-Star mode. This mode is very similar to the Classic mode, though it includes platforming segments between each of the fights. Though an Adventure mode was confirmed to appear in Super Smash Flash 2, there are very little information besides some outdated posts that appeared on early Smash Flash DOJO!!! pages.

In Super Smash Flash

Adventure mode in Super Smash Flash is essentially a clone of Classic mode, containing the same amount of levels, the same bonus rounds and a similar final boss fight. They differ in that Adventure mode poses side-scrolling levels not seen in Classic mode, in addition that one of the bonus rounds is harder than the one found in the latter.

Level Name Objective
1 Super Mario World The player has to reach the goal post while avoiding Flying Goombas and Koopa Troopas.
2 Peach's Castle In a 2 vs. 1 battle, the player has to defeat two Marios.
3 Floating Islands The player has to jump the platforms and reach the top door while avoiding Spear-Masks, Beezleys, Pearl Birds, and Mayu Birds.
4 Bonus stage 1:
Break the Targets
The player has to destroy all 8 targets.
5 Pokémon Stadium In a 3 vs. 1 battle, the player has to defeat the three Pokémon fighters: Pikachu, Jigglypuff and Mewtwo. After the player has defeated them, a giant Pokémon mini-boss battle will proceed.[1]
6 Bonus stage 2:
Race to the Finish!
The player has to reach the end of the level by jumping from platform on platform while avoiding Buzzers.
7 Hyrule Castle In a 3 vs. 1 battle, the player has to defeat Zelda/Sheik, Link and Young Link[2].
8 Final Destination The player has to defeat the final bosses Master Hand and, after depleting the former's HP to the half, Crazy Hand[3].

In Super Smash Flash 2

Unknown This article/section contains information of a yet-to-be re-confirmed feature for a game or similar media.

This means the original source that confirmed the subject has otherwise become obsolete, outdated or deprecated and has yet to be re-confirmed by an official modern source.


"Mario" series mini-planet.

It was initially confirmed that Super Smash Flash 2, like Super Smash Flash, would include an Adventure Mode based on Super Smash Bros. Melee. According to the DOJO!!! update, each level or world is represented as a mini-planet themed with an associated SSF2-in game universe, such as a Mushroom Kingdom mini-planet from the Mario series. With that being said, this information is outdated, so it may not reflect what actually appears in the final game.

Level Name Objective
First stage Mushroom Kingdom The player has to get past the three sections of the Mushroom Kingdom while avoiding or beating enemies such as Goombas or Koopa Troopas, beat the mini-boss Petey Piranha in the second section and finally reach the cannon that leads to the boss fight.
N/A Unnamed Kirby level A level based around on the Kirby settings is confirmed, most likely to be Dream Land; Waddle Dees and Bronto Burts appear as enemies. Any other information is unknown.
N/A Unnamed Mega Man level Representation of the classic Mega Man series is confirmed to appear. The only known detail is that the stage is castle-like and Dr. Wily will be this stage's boss.


  • There are unused hidden files for Adventure mode in SSF2 as of v0.9b that cannot be accessed.


  1. When the player starts a new file, the player will fight 3 Pikachus and then a giant Pikachu. When Jigglypuff is unlocked, a Pikachu in the first phase and the giant Pikachu on the second will be replaced by Jigglypuff. Finally, when Mewtwo is unlocked, another Pikachu and the giant Jigglypuff will be replaced by Mewtwo, staying this way for the remainder of the save file.
  2. Young Link will only appear if he has already been unlocked.
  3. Crazy Hand appears regardless of the difficulty selected and the time employed to reach the final stage in this mode.

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