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A Super Mario World Episode 3
ASMWE3 title card
Title card of Episode 3.
Developer(s) Cleod9 Flash Animation
Publisher(s) McLeodGaming
Animation Flash
Running time 3:30 minutes
Rating T for teen
Language English

The Final Battle is the third and final episode of the flash animated series A Super Mario World. It was released on March 26, 2006.

Plot summary

The fierce battle between Cloud and Riku continues. Cloud taunts Riku, telling him he should give up the fight. Riku does not listen and charges and dark orb of energy to finish off Cloud and blows out the "Bowser-Eggman Cruiser", which begins falling toward the ground in direction toward Mario, who starts running for his life. The force of the explosion sends Cloud flying, slamming through numerous hills until he crashes with a huge trunk. Cloud quickly recovers and engages for battle once more. Riku reaches the place and both fighters stand for one final blow. Both jump and deal a fatal blow on each other. Cloud a first stumbles on his knees and appears to be defeated, however, Riku starts bleeding for a moment and crumbles into pieces, dead. Being the victor, the short ends with Cloud standing up and jumping out of the scene as it fades away.

During the credits roll: Mario is seen still deperately running away from the falling Cruiser, but the scene is cut and leaves his fate uncertain; Luigi and Peach are seen together, being followed by several small Luigis (indicating both had an affair while Mario was away and got "children"), Cloud is seen standing on a hill watching at the horizon; and Link is seen fighting numerous enemies from Bowser's troops.



Overall reviews for the episode in Newgrounds were mixed. It is the least critically received out of all the three episodes. Criticism was found on the length of the episode, which lasts less than the half of the other two previous episodes, as well, as the complete change of protagonism focus from Mario and Link to simply Cloud and Riku. Users praised the sole action scene but still complained it was way too short.


  • With a running time of 3:30 minutes, this is the shortest episode of the series.
  • This is the only episode that didn't make use of the regular logo used the previous episodes.

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